Tobo creates multiplatform and digital experiences for kids and families. Our passion for youth is expressed through our three units: Tobo Studio, Tobo Lab and Tobo Media.


Tobo Studio creates original, inspiring and engaging multiplatform digital experiences for kids aged 3 to 15 and their families. The studio produces many titles related to major children's brands in Canada and abroad, and has been awarded numerous prizes and awards.



Tobo Lab is Tobo's business intelligence unit. It intervenes upstream of projects with studies, analyses and strategies and also offers digital marketing and discoverability services.

The Tobo Lab also organizes focus groups, user tests and co-creation workshops with kids, tweens and teens to ensure that products are in line with their target groups.


Tobo Media is the unit that produces Tobo's original productions. Its projects adopt themes that are as relevant as they are seldom explored, and are available in various formats - linear and interactive - aimed at engaging today's youth and their parents.