Tobo is a team that includes both young and experienced minds with powerful neurons (though we maintain our modesty). Tobo believes in collegiality, which allows for the synergy of strengths and talents. Here, performance and pleasure go together. Tobo sets the bar high. After all, when we look up, we never get dizzy.

Techno Moms

Tobo's cofounders have tech in their blood and little ones that were born in the digital era. They are mommy-entrepreneurs that understand the industry and what makes kids tick. No wonder Tobo works on small (and large) projects made especially for youth!

Judith Beauregard- Executive Producer and co-CEO

Judith Beauregard

Executive Producer and co-CEO

(Hyper)-active in the interactive domain since 1993, Judith Beauregard brings solid experience and enthusiasm for youth products to the table. She has specialized in the youth domain for over 15 years and is particularly interested in the intersection of fun and learning. Before creating Tobo, she was a producer at Tribal Nova and ODD1 for many years, where she led Web projects for a preschool audience. She has also worked on the development of interactive youth products for NDi Media and PTM Kids with partners from reputable Canadian and European television broadcasters. Judith holds a Bachelor of Communication from Concordia University and a Certificate in Project Management from McGill University.

She sets the bar high to help little ones shine as they grow and learn. 
Florence Roche - Executive Producer and co-CEO

Florence Roche

Executive Producer and co-CEO

Interactive youth media has always captivated Florence Roche and her immense passion is an asset to the Tobo team. She has worked in the interactive domain since 1996, acquiring solid expertise in project management at Project Images Films and gaining experience as a scriptwriter and game designer for various games (The Adventure Company, Trinome and Microids). Over the course of her career, Florence has produced a number of youth titles for reputable international partners. At Tribal Nova and then ODD1, she produced a number of award-winning interactive youth projects. Florence holds an MA in Interactive Communication Media, a Diploma in Multimedia Engineering from the Hautes Études Technologiques (Grenoble Institute of Technology) and an Executive MBA (UQAM, Paris-Dauphine University). 

Curiosity is one of the best quality! 

Kathleen Farrell - Studio Manager and co-CEO

Kathleen Farrell

Studio Manager and co-CEO

Kathleen Farrell has managed the production of interactive media for over 12 years. She began her career at PTM Kids where she worked as a project manager for several youth products on behalf of major publishers. Later, she joined the Ingenio team where she brilliantly coordinated a variety of projects that married interactivity and technology for various divisions of Loto-Quebec. In 2011, Kathleen became a youth producer at ODD1 to pursue her passion for interactive play. Ultimately, she took a leap of faith and created theTobo trio. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Montreal. She also obtained her PMP Certification from The Project Management Institute in 2009.

No wonder we rely on her!



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